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ANGHTHAR DRAGNI - Silver and Topaz. by LUNARIEEN ANGHTHAR DRAGNI - Silver and Topaz. :iconlunarieen:LUNARIEEN 227 5 Kelpie page 1 by porcelianDoll Kelpie page 1 :iconporceliandoll:porcelianDoll 1,372 166 Winchester Supernatural Impala Cosplay Skirt by DarlingArmy Winchester Supernatural Impala Cosplay Skirt :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 410 57
Dean x Reader - Stars
“This seems… cliché.” Dean murmured, lying back and placing his head in your lap.
You were both taking a break for the night, the most recent case ‘cracked and closed’ as you sometimes liked to put it. So you and Dean had decided to drive out to a nearby field for some quiet time while Sam and Cas stayed at the motel.
“Shh…” You whispered, running your fingers through his hair. You were leaning back against the grill of the impala, on a blanket that you had spread on the ground. Dean looked up at the stars, and your face.
“I’m cold.” Dean protested, putting up his usual stubborn front. But as always with you, his actions betrayed his words when he caught your hand, placing a kiss on each fingertip.
You smiled, and with your free hand picked up the worn book at your side. Dean had mentioned once that he had never read The Little Prince. Since then, you had searched every used book store you came across on your tr
:iconeverytimechelle:everytimechelle 47 2
Dean x Reader What's a Mom?
    “Hey dad?” John Jr. asked as he played with his favorite transformer sitting on his bed. Dean looked up to his son and gently took his toy and set it on his nightstand.
    “Yeah kiddo?” Dean asked tucking little John Winchester into bed. John was about four. One night he was just about shoved into Dean’s hands as one of his one night stands ran off before Dean could chase after her. That was three years ago when his son, who was by luck named John, about one. After that night you, Sam, and Dean went to the hospital to get him checked up and tested to see if he truly was Dean’s. When John was checked out you all waited a few days for the tests to come back. They were positive, John was a full Winchester. At first Dean was terrified. How could he raise a kid? He had help though. Mostly from you, but Sam and Castiel pitched in too. John seemed to latch onto you almost instantly. Now Dean calls him a miracle while you call him Do
:iconvanillacookiemonster:vanillacookiemonster 401 108
Mature content
I Blame you - DeanWinchesterxReader :iconredhairedcomic:RedHairedComic 54 7
Mature content
30 Minutes - DeanWinchesterxReader :iconredhairedcomic:RedHairedComic 61 11
Movie Night - WinchestersxReader
I walked in between the boys sprawled out on the couch and the coffee table with a bowl of popcorn in one hand and in the other a cold can of coke.
“Scoot!” I demanded, making dean hesitantly get up from his spot and allowing some room for me to squeeze in.
“Why can’t we watch ‘Taken’? Or ‘The Avengers’” Dean complained once again.
I glared up at him from my spot between Sam and him. “It’s my movie night. So we are watching FROZEN.”
I heard Sam chuckle as I let out some steam on Dean who seemed taken aback by my aggressive persistence. “Now you stay seated like a good boy, or so help me Castiel, I will tie you to a chair and duct tape your eye lids open.”
“Well.” Was all Dean said before taking a sip of his cold beer.
“Down, (y/n).” Sam said grabbing my shoulders and pushing me back against the couch, “It’s starting.”
I looked up at the crystal font that read
:iconredhairedcomic:RedHairedComic 71 9
DeanxReader (Shut Up)
You woke up to the loud ringing of a phone. Groaning, you try to block out the sound by nestling into the warm chest beside you. Still, it was a complete utter failure. You were sure that you left your phone at the coffee table of the living room so, you assumed it was Dean's.
Opening your (e/c) eyes, you were face to face with the older Winchester, who was half naked under the white covers. Both of your faces were just mere inches apart. Of course, Dean slept like a rock, so he wouldn't have heard the phone.
The ringing continuously went on and on as you sighed in frustration. With a bit of difficulty, you forcefully pushed Dean to the ground, evidently waking him up.
"Damn it, (y/n)! What the hell?!" Dean shouted. You noticed that his voice was a bit hoarse.
"Just answer your phone." You simply said as you delved into his pillow, face first. At this point, you were amazed to hear that the phone was still ringing. It was obviously important. Dean looked at you with an arched brow (sti
:iconmaitresseovo:MaitresseOvO 332 17
Hypothermia (Dean x Reader)
Hypothermia (Dean x Reader)
"(Name) look out!"
You spun around at the sound of Dean's voice, just in time to get punched in the stomach with enough force to send you flying. Your back slammed into a tree, sending snow and pine needles tumbling down onto you. You landed in a heap in a snowdrift, gasping for air.
"(Name)!" You heard Sam yell from somewhere in front of you, followed by the sound of a gunshot.
You groaned, pushing yourself to your feet just as Dean slid to a stop beside you.
"Are you okay?" He asked, grabbing your arms.
You shrugged him off, nodding. "I'm fine. What are you doing kneeling in the snow? You're going to freeze."
He laughed, helping you to your feet. "I'm too hot to freeze." He smirked, brushing snow off his jeans.
You smacked the back of his head, grabbing Ruby's knife from the back of your pants and throwing it to your right without taking your eyes off him. "You say that now, but you've never felt a Canadian winter before."
The demon Sam was wrestling with
:iconmazzafeme147:mazzafeme147 461 67
Supernatural Dean x Reader - Spiders
WARNING: Foul language ahead. Don't like? Don't read!
A high pitched scream flooded throughout Bobby's home.
Dean Winchester wasted no time in grabbing his pistol and running up the old creaking stairs. He kicked open the closed door to your room. Since Sam and Bobby were out today finishing up a hunt, Bobby had put him in charge of keeping you safe. Not like he never would, you were his girlfriend after all.
"_______?" he shouted. He didn't notice you until the pale blue covers on your bed shifted and a small whimpered escaped your lips. He carefully lifted the covers to see you. Small tears rolling down your cheeks. You said nothing and pointed to the bathroom. Dean nodded and quietly prowled over to the room. He slipped inside the small bathroom only to find nothing there. No demon, no ghost, no curious Cas.
"________, there's nothing in here babe." Dean said, his tone exasperated.
You looked at him shocked. "Did the fucker disappear already
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 466 72
Mature content
Dean Winchester x Male Reader Until My Last Breath :iconstartre:Startre 32 0
Lullaby - Dean x Reader
You had just come in from cleaning up the mess the boys had left behind on a hunt, when you heard Dean yell out in the room that you shared with him.
You rushed through to your room and saw Dean in bed with the sheets wrapped around him angrily. He had a pained expression on his face and sweat on his skin.
He reached out to your side of the bed and when he grabbed at nothing, he called out again in agony. You sat down next to him on the bed, putting a hand to his warm face.
‘Dean,’ you said quietly.
His beautiful green eyes flashed open, filled with pain. At first he looked afraid, but recognition filled him immediately.
‘It was worse this time,’ Dean told you miserably. Dean had a nightmare almost every night now and it broke your heart each and every time, to watch the man that was so strong be broken.
‘I think it was because you were out. I couldn’t reach out and grab you to make sure you were still there,’ he said, looking down.
You knew he
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 325 32
Future Dean Winchester x Reader
Dean Winchester x Reader
That’s how you had it, yeah
Pretty Sure

“Dean, I knew what I was doing!” You yelled at the hunter.
“Really, cause it didn’t look like it.” Dean yelled back.
“I’m 28 years old, goddammit, I know what I’m doing. I’ve been hunting for 15 years!”
“You almost got yourself killed.”
It is, it’s goes clapping a bit
Something just in that way,
Alright, here we go

You stand your ground in the crappy motel room with your arms crossed. Dean stood directly across from you.
“(y/n)…I just don’t want to see you hurt.”
You go up and down this time.
“Because.” Dean said. You snorted.
“’Because’ is not a valid answer.”
I’m writing the future
I’m writing it out, loud
We don’t talk about the past
We don’t talk about the past now
:iconartemisfowl11:ArtemisFowl11 97 13
Nightmares. Dean x Reader
                       (Readers P.O.V.)
    Darkness. That's all there was. I tried to sit up to find that I had been tied to a table of some sorts. "Help me! Somebody please help!" I screamed.
    "Nobody can hear you here my darling," a familiar voice said. Suddenly, the lights came on. They were so bright that they blinded me for a moment. Once I could see I looked to where i heard the voice to see the demon Crowley.
    "Crowley!" I groweled, "What the hell do you want?"
    "Oh nothing very important. Just Dean Winchesters head on a silver platter," The demon said with a smirk. "And I have the the perfect bait to get him here. You."
    "No. No! You can't hurt him!" I shouted. Then I heard the familiar sound of the impalas engine. "No! Damn it!" I struggled against the bonds and shouted. "Dean! It's a trap!"
    "Oh dear. Now we can't have you spoil my fun. Now c
:iconpeace1234567love:peace1234567love 44 1
Hey Stranger (Demon!DeanxReader)
“(y/n) stop it’s me!”
“No you can’t be him! Dean is stuck in hell there’s no way he could be here!”
“(y/n) it’s me I promise! Just….just calm down alright?”
“Stop trying to trick me, I know you’re not Dean you failed the Holy water test! You’re clearly just some demon was that dumb enough to take Dean’s body as a vessel and I can promise you that you won’t be leaving with it.”
You continued to looking at the demon with tear filled eyes, shotgun still in hand. If Bobby were here he would already have this situation dealt with but he was gone helping Rufus with some hunt. You were alone when the demon got in and seeing it using Dean’s body made you not be able to think straight. You knew it wasn’t Dean, it couldn’t be. Dean was still stuck in Hell because of his deal to save Sam and after four months of searching you and Sam still hadn’t managed to find a way to
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 409 21



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